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Travel with our trains

Thanks all who traveled with us in 2023!

Now the railway goes into hibernation and spend the winter with taking care of our tracks and trains.
A new time table will be release during spring/early summer in 2024.

Welcome back to travel with us in 2024!

The station master signals “depart” to the train crew that confirm the order with a short “toot” from the locomotive whistle. Slowly the train departs from the station! Experience a fantastic travel through Vadstena to “Folkets Park” outside of town this summer. Let the train comfortably rock you to the rhythmic sound of the wheels passing over the rail joints. A travel in place and time to the mid of the 20th century.

The timetable for the trains are found to the right.

Tickets are bought in the station or pre-booked via the link below.

Welcome to travel with our train this summer!