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Welcome to Sweden’s oldest preserved narrow gauge railway, in the beautiful town of Vadstena

The Wadstena Fogelsta Railway* was one of the first two narrow-gauge railways in the region of Östergötland, and opened to traffic in 1874. The track gauge is 891 mm, which corresponds to three Swedish feet. The 9.6 km (6 mile) long section between Vadstena and Fågelsta is the only remaining part of the once-extensive narrow gauge network in Östergötland of approximately 450 km (280 miles).

Since 1974, this last part of the narrow gauge railway has been run by the Wadstena Fogelsta Järnväg museum association (WFJ). It is a non-profit association that operates historic trains in traffic on the railway, so that we can experience mid-20th century travel.

We welcome you to take a ride on our trains, cycle a rail-bike along the track or just
take a walk in the fantastic surroundings of Vadstena station yard.

*”Wadstena” and ”Fogelsta” are the old spellings of Vadstena and Fågelsta, that were used when the railway was inaugurated.

Cycle Rail-Bike

Foto Jeppe Gustafsson/Bild Östergötland